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Carried - Mug'thol / Dragonmaw / Akama
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Src / Mar 31, 2017
Carried are now 3/10 M Nighthold, including multiple multiple sub-10% wipes on Mythic Krosus.

We need your help to get over the hump! Click on ol' Uncle Sam to the left there and apply to join our raid team.

Right now we have high demand for:
  • a Restoration Shaman; and
  • any excellent DPS players.
Src / Feb 15, 2017
[US][Horde][Mug’thol/Dragonmaw/Akama-PST] 9/10H Nighthold LFM


We are a newly formed Horde raiding guild on the US-Mug’thol server. Our goals are being competitive on our server and clearing mythic content. We are looking to add mature players who are interested in excelling in a serious raid environment and enjoy completing other content on off nights (PVP, M+, Achievements, etc.)

About Us:
We strive for an enjoyable raid environment, but a serious attitude towards progression raiding is required. Maximum effort and preparation is required for all raids. The loot system we use is loot council.

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday
8:30 PM - 11:40PM PST(Server Time)

If you have any further questions or are interested in joining the guild please contact Wednezday#1133 or veltshmerts#1300.